Alcohol Detection in Real Time to Prevent Drunken Driving

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Iosr Journal Of Computer Engineering (iosr-jce)
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The number of accidents in the world is increasing day by day and among these accidents, more than 60% are caused due to menace of driving under the influence of “unreasonable” alcohol consumption. Therefore, since the death due to drunken-driving has assumed proportion larger than one can imagine, it requires immediate attention. This paper attempts to explore the possibility of using the technology that would detect the level of alcohol in the blood and prevent “very-start” of the motor vehicle. The model device aims at preventing the user from driving when drunk and reduces the number of accidents occurring due to drunken driving. The model is created using Arduino Uno and Alcohol detecting sensor. The alcohol detecting sensor (MQ-3) when connected to an Arduino UNO R3 detects the level of alcohol content in blood by analysing driver’s breath. The MQ-3 alcohol sensor isembedded (placed) atthe middle of the steering wheel (Internet of things) so that whenever the driver exhales the sensor measures the alcohol level, analyses whether it is within the “safe” limit or not,before allowing the ignition of the “motor-engine”. The “stipulated” legal limit of alcohol level in India is 0.03%, which means 30 microliters of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. Needless, to say as and when the excess-alcohol content gets detected it sets up alarm or buzzer. The placing of the alcohol-sensor at the centre of the steering wheel ensures that the detection of alcohol-content is limited to the driver’s seat and does not take into the account the alcohol content in the blood of the fellow-passengers. The paper attempts to produce the design and operation of the “model-device”that when produced commercially can help save precious life lost to reckless driving under the influence of alcohol

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