Master of Business Administration

Minor | Business Analytics

Organisations today have more information at hand than ever before, which largely remains underutilised. The aim of offering this Business Analytics Minor is to provide students with the knowledge of Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics which makes students industry-ready.

Business Analytics Minor is offered with the objective to provide an enriching, data-driven, and research-oriented educational experience that helps students to unlock opportunities in the analytical domain that will further enhance their careers.

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Key Information


  • Classroom sessions and Hands on sessions with SPSS, Excel , R, JMP, AMOS, Python, Machine learning, LINGO and other Optimization softwares
  • Case discussions based on latest secondary databases.
  • Live Research Projects
  • Active participation in Consultancy projects.
  • Lecture notes and reference material relevant to the topics covered
  • Application-based problems coverage


The students opting for Business analytics as a minor will be trained to construct quantitative decision-making frameworks and use robust analytical tools to incorporate data-driven decision-making in their professional roles. As the role of analytics is cross functional the minor BA is systematically designed to prepare students across all domains of management to frame problems, create comparisons, forecast outcomes, and make predictions that answer critical business questions with the latest analysis tool packs.

Important Courses

  • Interactive Dashboards and Data Storytelling 
  • MultiCriterion Decision Making
  • Decision Analytics
  • Time Series Analytics
  • Application based Analytics
  • Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics


Trimester 4 Trimester 5 Trimester 6
  Interactive Dashboards and Data Storytelling Machine Learning approach for Multivariate Data Analysis
  Fundamentals of R , Python and SQL Application based Analytics
  Time Series Analytics Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics
  Decision Analytics  

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