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Research areas include leadership and various conceptualisations of leadership such as leader competence, transformational, transactional, paternalistic, leader-member exchange and shared leadership. Shared leadership has been researched in the context of entrepreneurial teams and student teams to investigate its various antecedents such as transactive memory system, trust and consequences such as team learning, team creativity, thriving, team satisfaction. Research on Teams focussed on values, roles, interdependencies, tasks , performance, communication, cohesiveness, bonding, conflicts, collaboration, decision making, collective thinking, leadership, collaboration, accountability, strategy, agility, team intervention, team building, virtual teams, cross functional teams and team competence. Research in Organization behaviour includes a variety of behaviours ranging from prosocial behaviour to counterproductive work behaviors such as team work, non-violence, compassion, and peace, cyber-loafing and deviant behaviors.

Research areas also include attitudes and behaviors such as job satisfaction, turnover intention, performance, productivity, psychological capital, perceived trust, loyalty, commitment, engagement, empowerment, thriving, emotional intelligence, emotional labour, burnout and workplace bullying, dental health and consciousness. Other research areas include diversity & inclusion at the workplace including gender diversity, emotional diversity and related interventions. Research areas in human resource (HR) include training and human resource development, coaching, mentoring, Change management, Organizational development, learning organization. include formalizing and strategizing of human resource practices contributing towards flexibility, adaptability, innovation, competitive advantage and organizational performance in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, training need analysis , person fit, organization fit, utilization of emotional and artificial intelligence in recruitment strategies, sustainable HR practices in MSMEs.

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Guide Associated

Sr.No. Research Guide Qualification Research Areas
1 Prof. Dr. Preeti Rawat Ph.D. Psychology Attitudes, empowerment, leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion
2 Prof. Dr. Hemangi R Bhalerao Ph.D (Industrial Psychology) Leadership, Emotions, Conflict Management, Nonviolence, Peace
3 Prof. Dr. Karve Shailaja Ph.D Management, Masters in personnel Management, MA Psychology Interpersonal Behaviour, Groups, Teams, Communication, Leadership, Competency, Organizational Devbelopment, Learning & development, Learning Organization, Interventions. Human Resources Functions
4 Prof. Dr. Shiji Lyndon Ph.D. (IIT Mumbai, 2020) Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion

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