Centres of Excellence

Economic Policy Analysis & Research (CEPAR)

To evolve into a leading policy centre engaged in research, teaching, training and capacity building and work on improving development outcomes; promoting innovative and applied research that will generate practical, inclusive and sustainable solutions to emerging economic problems.

Diversity Management & Inclusion

Understand the value of a diverse and inclusive organization, diversity in a global context, the issues and challenges involved in managing a diverse workforce. Articulate research and practice in support of diversity and inclusion. Gain deeper insights about individual biases towards diversity management. Enhancing skills for effective diversity management. Appreciating contemporary development in the field.

Excellence in Capital Markets

For promoting and creating awareness about capital markets and contribute constructively towards the achievement of SIMSR's Mission.

Sustainable Development

To conduct and promote research in the interdisciplinary areas of Sustainable Development; to collaborate and promote interactions among researchers within and outside the institute; to undertake research projects and consultancy assignments.

Excellence for International Business

To create superior knowledge base on various dimensions of International Business like international relations, policy, strategy, marketing, finance, personnel, operations & systems.

Consumer and Market Studies in Emerging Economies

Would endeavour to encourage, foster, support and guide a culture of research, innovation and creativity relating to critical issues and opportunities in Emerging Economies in order to develop actionable insights and catalogue knowledge for application by industry, academia and society.

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