Extra-Curricular Activities

K J Somaiya Institute of Management is a culturally diverse institute.


It celebrates all the festivals with equal vigour and enthusiasm be it Ganesh Utsav, Christmas, Teachers’ Day or any other day and organises events as part of these celebrations to make both students and teachers feel at home.


Participation in these events is also encouraged because of the exposure they provide, as students are the ones who organise and execute these events eventually.

Festivals Celebrated at K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Ganesh Ustav

Ganesh Utsav that Lives in every Mumbaikar


Mumbaikars celebrate the festival of ganesh Utsav with enormous enthusiasm and devotion. And so does SIMSR. As per the tradition, the student council installs the idol of lord Ganesha for a period of three days. All the rituals are followed including the morning and evening aartis, prasad, and modaks. The lord of fortune is worshipped by all the students and faculties together. At the end of third day, the idol is immersed in water with the tradition dhol and gulal.


Welcoming Lord Krishna


The Gita Club of SIMSR every year hosts the janmashtami pooja, the sacred event of lord Krishna's birth. This eventful day in the hindu calendar is very well celebrated by the students. This year the festival was graced by the presence of Iskon devotees,nwho shared their knowledge and learning with the students.

Teachers Day

SIMSR believes in the Guru-Shishya


SIMSR believes in the Guru-Shishya system of education. The faculty here plays an interal role in building successful careers for the students. They act as a tutor, guide and a mentor. The teachers day is celebrated to show this gratitude for the immense support and guidance received from them. The student council organizes a fun filled day for the faculty and the non teaching staff engaging them in games and refreshing activities. Teacher's day thus helps students and faculty to connect on another level altogehter.



The Flavour of Gujrat


The K.J. Somaiya Campus with its roots of Gujrati founders celebrates the ethnic festival of navratri with pomp and grandeur. The folk dance of gujrat, garba, and the traditional tunes brings all the students together to enjoy and rock to the desi music. This Garba night organized by Students Activity Forum(SAF) is one of the most awaited events in SIMSR.


Time to Jingle


The last festival of the year and also one of the prettiest, Christmas is celebrates in SIMSR with great enthusiasm. The members of Students Activity Forum(SAF) organize the Christmas Eve party with just the right ingredients of good music, ambience and loads of fun. The festival is celebrated with just the right spark and cheer as it should be.


The Festival with Punjabi Tadka


Lighting the bonfire in Lohri, symbolizes offering prayers to Lord Agni(god of fire) to shower blessings on the land with abundance of crops and prosperity. Admist the cold weather january, members of the Students Activity Forum(SAF) at SIMSR celebrate the long-awaited bonfire festival Lohri in the institute campus.The celebration witnesses students gathering for the bonfire, dressesd in traditional attires dancing to the tunes and beats of the traditional dhol and Lohri songs. It is a fun-filled evening that helps students rejuvenate and rejoice.

Saraswti Puja

A Colour of Bengal in the Heart of Mumbai


Call it Basanth Panchami or Sree Panchami or Saraswti Puja, the greatest festival of springs for Indians is celebrated with pomp and grandeur at SIMSR keeping up with the traditions till date. The Students and faculty gather together to worship the Goddess of Learning with devotion and thankfulness. Organized by the Bengali Association of Students of SIMSR, the festival brings awakening and inspiring experience to students and faculty.


Celebrating of Life


Holi celebration takes place with a lot of joy and verve throughout the county. So is the case in SIMSR. The enthusiasm of the students reaches its peak and matches with the nature which is in full bounty at the time of Holi. As the best is for the last, holi is the last festival of the academic year and also a promising one.

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