In 2015, Centre for Diversity Management and Inclusion (CDMI) is set up at K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai. Diversity is the sum total of the differences which make individuals who they are, and their collective ability to contribute to the goals of an organization. Managing Diversity through Inclusion is a conscious choice and commitment by an organization to VALUE these differences. Diversity is a source of strength to achieve organizational goals. Diversity includes all types of individual differences impacting the workplace. Diversity refers to ways in which people differ from each other. The differences is in terms of

  • Cultural:Gender, race, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, education, religion , physical & mental abilities, language, lifestyle, immigration status.
  • Functionality:Think, learn, process information, respond to authority, show respect, reach agreements.
  • Historically:Family makeup, perspective, political outlook, Intergroup relationships.


  • Sensitize organizations (through training and workshops) to the issues of acknowledging, valuing and managing diversity through inclusive strategies and mindset.
  • Carry out applied research on diversity management and Inclusion in profit and not-for -profit organizations.
  • Creating awareness of the diversity issues in society.


Corporate Acknowledgement of CDMI Where men need to & lean in.


Our Expertise



The centre organizes research conference SIFICO to disseminate knowledge in the area of Finance for the last 7 years. In the last 3 years, SIFICO inspired International participation from Germany, UK and African countries.


Many workshops were organized. Prof.Kirti, conducted a workshop on SPSS in 2013. Prof. Bhadani of IIM Kashipur conducted a Three day workshop on ‘R’ in November 2014. Prof. Shalini and Prof. Nupur shared their experiences on econometrics with all us by conducting an FDP in January 2015.


Apart from that, to inculcate interest in capital markets, a field visit to BSE/ NSE is organised for students during several academic years including this year.


The center conducted workshops facilitated by people at the helm in capital markets. In 2016, Mr.Shrinivas, Chief Economist BSE Stock Brokers forum shared his experience with faculty and students about the Global Financial Markets and Indian Economy. Round Table conference was conducted where Several industry stalwarts shared their opinions in a panel discussion enlightening the students as well as faculty.


We also encourage students to participate in research papers with guidance from faculty.


In collaboration with the PhD cell the centre conducted an Econometrics workshop by Prof. (Dr.)Subrata Sarkar for two days on Regression and Panel Data

Our Offerings

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The offerings of CDMI are clustered in to the following under the guidance of a dedicated team of CDMI faculty.

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The CDMI is open to collaborate with industry on projects/researches on managing diversity at workplace through the following ways:

  • The CDMI faculty can be part of on-going industry projects as subject matter experts.
  • The CDMI faculty can be on-boarded for analyzing bulk data and submitting a report on the findings and conclusions
  • The centre would also be repository of all the research it conducts which would be available to the industry for use.
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The center conducts management development programmes (MDPs) and certificate programmes in the topics of diversity and inclusion.The center periodically organizes talks and round table discussions on diversity issues.

Our Team

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Prof. (Dr.) Shiji Lyndon

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Prof. (Dr.) Preeti S. Rawat

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Prof. (Dr.) Prema Basargekar

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Prof. (Dr.) Sumagna Bhowmick

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Prof. Milind Gawai

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