An Exploratory Study of Product and Brand Positioning Typologies with Respect to Pharmaceutical Companies

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Society Of Interdisciplinary Business Research
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Research objectives; Pharmaceutical Companies are adopting various positioning strategies. The current research paper is based on conceptual understanding of various posimtioning typologies with respect to pharmaceutical companies. The basis for clarification is numerous definitions and a practice of positioning. The main objective is to explore numerous positioning typologies. Methodology: This research paper presents initial work done for the doctoral study. Exploratory study is done through various case studies and past research. Strength of Brand positioning and financial performance is explained through literature review. Preliminary findings and potential contributions to the literature: Keywords: Branding, Positioning, Brand trust The major findings are presented in the form of summary literature. Pharmaceutical companies are mainly focusing on condition positioning as a brand positioning typology. The changing scenario with respect to pharmaceutical companies is rarely studied with implications to its end consumer that is its patients. The above understanding will help marketers to design the marketing activity in such a pattern that suits the requirement of the today’s patients. The findings of the paper will help the industry for promoting the medicine for condition in which it needs to be taken. The results also help pharmaceutical companies to contribute towards better health and improve the positioning strategy

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