Electric Scooter market in India - A Case Study of Flo Mobility

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Shaila Srivastava ,Anshul Kanodia,Sandhya Kumari & Supratim Endow
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16th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference
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Abstract: The conventional two-wheeler market in India is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 7.33%. While the conventional vehicles seem to continue to sell like hotcakes, the electric two-wheeler market in India is still in the nascent stage. Micro-mobility sector provides the most convenient, affordable and time efficient mode of transport. Micro Mobility includes bicycles, skateboards, e bikes, e scooters etc. The main purpose of the study is to formulate an STP plan for Flo Mobility, considering the post Covid-19 scenario. In addition to that, identifying the primary and secondary customer segments and develop a suitable pricing strategy by competitive benchmarking. Finally, the study would be suggesting further developments and strategies to improve the future of electric vehicle commute in India. A survey had been conducted to collect primary data and also secondary data used from published data used The study based on primary as well as secondary data published articles, research papers and survey reports etc. to support the study. Key Words: Electric Scooter; Micro-mobility; STP plan; Flo Mobility

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