Relationship between individual and structural determinants on job satisfaction–analysis of employee turnover in the Indian context

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Tennessee State University College Of Business
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The impact of Individual and structural determinants on job satisfaction are worth exploring in the context of employee turnover the variation in requirement and expectation of individual varies from person to person has a huge Impact on employee turnover. Individual determinants are of significant importance as it’s very specific to the person associated with the problem. Researchers are yet to find out a solution to address problem associated with Individual determinants. On the other hand structural determinants are more to do with the work setting and the place of the work. Organizations can clearly identify these issues and chalk out plans to address these issues. Most important aspect of turnover research is to find out how individual and structural determinants impact job satisfaction, as job satisfaction is one of the important determinants for understanding the employee turnover. The author would like to dissect Kim, Price Mueller & Watson(1996) Price and Mueller’s Model and study correlates , Individual & environmental determinants. Data were collected from a sample of 386 employees from binary solution. Binary solutions are the biggest distribution of Dell, HP and Lenovo in India. Also they have a back office for client’s servicing. Confirmatory factor analysis was performed to test the reliability and validity of the measurement model. The structural equation modeling technique using AMOS software is used to test the model. Finding revealed that the individual determinants i.e. job motivation and met expectation had positive relationship with process determinants i.e. job satisfaction. Few structural determinants i.e. autonomy, distributive justice, promo9tional chances and social support are also having the positive relationship with process determinants i.e. job satisfaction. But the two variables of structural determinants i.e. job stress and routinization is having the negative effect on process variable’s job satisfaction.

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