Study on the Growing Innovation and Changing Consumer Behavior towards Digital Payment Services - in Metro Cities

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Annals Of “dunarea De Jos” University Of Galati Fascicle I. Economics And Applied Informatics
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Digitization has driven growth in the payments and the banking industry with services being quick in nature. The digital payment space is expected to grow to INR 4,323.63 trillion by the year 2024.India is seen to have adopted technological advancements and the onset of smartphones has aided the payment services market as well. The global COVID-19 health crisis and government responses, such as lockdowns restricting economic activities, increased the need for contactless payments, accelerating the shift to digital finance in many economies. 106 responses collected through structured questionnaire from Metro cities and 7 factors such as varieties in offerings, convenience, awareness, infrastructure limitations, impact of Covid 19, efficiency and security issues are identified to influence the understanding of consumer behaviour with respect to digital payments. Secondary data collected through various reports reflected the positive shifts toward digital payment, but also highlights the unequal access to these services, especially among vulnerable groups. The adoption of digital finance includes risks such as those related to consumer protection and financial capabilities. Advances in digital financial inclusion are likely to be more sustainable and equitable when accompanied by policies that address the different circumstances facing consumers and provide for the skills development, regulatory protections and product designs suited to their needs.

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