Role of social media in influencing sustainability practices among Indian Organizations

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Poonam Chauhan ,Jyotinder Kaur Chaddah & Jyotinder Chaddah
Gnims Business School
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Social media has emerged as largest platform for communication and engagement with global audience. It can be used as a medium to shape public opinion, diverse views and policy agenda. It is increasingly being known as force that encourages organizations to support sustainability practices. Sustainability has achieved widespread and mainstream attention in public arena. It is generally concerned with both the health of the planet and the establishment of knowledgeable and empowered societies. Still, there is breadth of literature that is critical of sustainability and questions the core values. Sustainability takes place in one locality at the cost of other communities. . Many technical and green measures disregard the social aspect of sustainability. There are differences of opinion on what is valuable and worth sustaining. Organizations in India have recently recognized sustainability as an emerging trend and as an important strategic goal. Integrating triple bottom line balance between economic, environmental and social concerns is being seen as important contributor to their success. Organizations are strategically leveraging social media for interacting with all stakeholders, not just customers. The paper explores the credibility of stakeholder’s activism in social media for demand of sustainability practices. It researches the strategic use of social media to communicate and market the sustainability initiatives by an organization. Based on literature review and social media activity the study examines an organization’s transformation towards sustainability.

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