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Group & Custom Solutions For Organizations


KJSIM helps you design customized learning experiences that transform individual leaders, teams, and organizations.

What we do?

We will partner with you to cocreate learning experiences directly linked to your organization’s unique learning and business goals.

Programme learning format

We deliver your programme in multiple formats that include virtual, in-person and blended delivery options. The curriculum is similar for all delivery options but tailored to take benefit of each delivery method.

Our Collaborative Approach


The KJSIM faculty and programme director will partner with your organization throughout the entire process of design and delivery.

Faculty Expertises


The institute has a blend of faculty with Ph.D and faculty with substantial industry experience of over 30yrs or both.

The faculty have rich experience in conducting Executive programmes for organisations across industry sectors, Hospitals, Educational trusts and government of India Organizations.

We have rich domain expertise in all the management Areas as under:

  • Finance Accounts & Law
  • Marketing & International Business
  • Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics Managements
  • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
  • Data Science & Technology
  • Business Analytics
  • Economics
  • General Management including Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Principles of Management & Communication

Our Collaborative Approach


A custom programme may include a variety of distinctive teaching styles and methodologies, such as

  • Case based learning
  • Industry Panels
  • Peer Coaching
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Experiential exercise
  • Application Workshops
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Coaching
  • Digital Simulations
  • Action learning project
  • Small group discussions
  • Executive Panels
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