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K J Somaiya Institute of Management (formerly K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research) is among India's TOP 25 Business Schools. Leading companies in the private sector including MNCs prominent PSUs, reputed Hospitals and prestigious Government of India organizations are among the institute’s most important stakeholders for placement and Internship, Management Development Programs, Consultancy Projects, Industry sponsored Research Projects for Faculty and concurrent Projects, Guest Lectures and Student Mentorship.


The Institute has developed a diverse clientele of leading Industry companies, PSUs and Government of India Organizations for its Leadership Development Programs (LDPs), Management Development.

Programs (MDPs) and Certification Programs for Senior Managers, Managers, Executives, Supervisors and Staff/Associates. Depending on the training needs of the participants, the training objectives and expected outcome of the LDP/MDP, the content, duration and pedagogy is tailored in consultation with the client. This partnering strategy has enabled the institute to develop enduring relationship with many of its clients for Customized LDPs and MDPs.


During the past 3 years, 5 private sector companies, 3 PSUs & 3 Government of India organizations entrusted the Institute with repeat orders for LDPs & MDPs. The LDPs and MDPs are tailored to the specific training objective - Transition Training for higher responsibility, job rotation, qualifying for global talent pool, behavioral changes, enhancing domain expertise and leadership development. The duration of these LDPs ranges from 10 days to 30 days (in phases). The topics are a blend of domain expertise and leadership skills development. The duration of MDPs ranges from 1 day to 9 days (in phases). The Certification Programs are of longer duration up to 300 days. These customized training programs are conducted online or in classroom mode as chosen by the client.


The LDP and MDP participants have the benefit of being coached by the same expert and experienced faculty who facilitate the institute's courses for its students. In addition, Industry Experts facilitate specialized topics for LDPs and MDPs. For LDP & MDP participants, the Institute has a dedicated Information Technology Laboratory. The successful participants are awarded Digital Certificates with a unique identification Number. The MDP participants are sent emailers from the Alumni Department on institute updates and events.


The Institute has rich domain expertise in all the Management Areas as under:

  • Finance Accounts & Law
  • Marketing & International Business
  • Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
  • Data Science & Technology
  • Business Analytics
  • Economics
  • General Management including Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Principles of Management & Communication

The Institute has a blend of Faculty with Ph.D. and Faculty with substantial Industry experience of over 30 years or both. The Faculty have rich experience in conducting MDPs & LDPs for companies across industry sectors, Hospitals, Educational Trusts and Government of India Organizations. Customized LDPs and MDPs are among the Institute's Core Activities.

Message from Chairperson-MDP

Our mission is to partner with our client organizations to cocreate the Learning Journey and Individual Development Plans (IDPs) of their Managers, Executives, Officers, Supervisors, Staff and Associates. We design and tailor our Leadership Development Programs (LDPs), Management Development Programs (MDPs) and Certification Programs to the specific Training needs of each client organization considering the Profiles of the Participants and the expected Outcome after the Training. Our clients have the option of ONLINE or classroom mode Training or blended formats. For long duration Programs, we are empowered to award Diplomas to the successful Participants. We look forward to partnering with your esteemed organization for your Learning & Development Programs and to transform your organization for continued success in the rapidly changing Business Environment today.

Dr. Raman Ramachandran
Chairperson, MDP
+91 22 6728 3003, +91 8879745396

Successful track record of long standing engaged client organizations among leading private sector companies including MNCs, prominent PSUs, well known Hospitals, reputed Trusts and prestigious Government of India organizations.


Diverse clientele across Industry Sectors -Engineering, Automobiles, Infrastructure, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Retail, Financial Services Insurance, Nuclear Energy and Armed Forces (Indian Navy-INS Hamla).

Flexibility to clients of ONLINE /classroom sessions at the Institute or, at the locations chosen by the clients. During the past 6 months 15 MDPs and LDPs were customized and conducted ONLINE for 6 engaged client organizations.


Each LDP/MDP is tailored to the client's specific Training needs, LDP/MDP Objective, the Profiles of the Participants and the expected outcome in the Participants' capabilities and behaviour. This helps the clients to achieve the desired ROI on their Investment in Training, including the opportunity costs.


Being a constituent Institute of Somaiya Vidyavihar University, the Institute is empowered to award Diplomas for the Participants of the long duration Certification Programs. This enables the client organizations to upgrade the skill sets and education of their talented, competent and committed Staff.


The Institute has 71 core full time Faculty, 75% of them with Ph. D. and 15 Faculty members have Industry experience of over 15 years in Senior Managerial Roles. The Institute has on its panel Industry Experts for specialized Topics.


The Institute's rich experience in developing and conducting sectoral MBA Programs in Financial Services, Retail Management, Health Care Management and International Management & the MCA (Master of Computer Applications) has given the Institute a competitive edge to customize and conduct LDPs, MDPs and Certification Programs for companies in these Sectors.


The Institute was established in 1981. Today, it ranks among the TOP 25 Business Schools in India including the IIMs. The professional excellence of its MBA and MCA Programs extends to its LDPs and MDPs, designed to blend academic rigor with relevance for the Training needs of the Participants.


The Institute has large green campus and state of the art training facilities for its LDPs, MDPs and Certification Programs. It ensures conducive environment for learning and rejuvenates and motivates the participants for excellence in their professional career.


The Institute's global network of 12000 Alumni complement the Institute's endeavor to constantly upgrade LDP & MDP programs for client companies.

MDP Programmes AY 2020 -2021 (1 July '20 to 31 December '20)
  • ONLINE LDP for Galderma India Pvt Ltd (2019 batch of Sales Managers).
  • ONLINE MDP for Store Managers of Reliance Jewels (Reliance Retail Ltd).
  • 2 ONLINE MDPs for the Officials of Department of Atomic Energy.
  • 2 batches of ONLINE SLt Logistics course for INS Hamla.
  • ONLINE MDP for Hershey India Pvt Ltd Production Personnel at Bhopal.
  • 7 batches of ONLINE MDP for Life Insurance Corporation of India Officers.
  • ONLINE MDP Finance for Non-Finance for Reliance Retail Ltd Managers.
  • ONLINE MDP for Godavari Biorefineries Ltd.
MDP Programmes AY 2019- 2020
  • 5-Day MDP for Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd Executives in September '19.
  • 2-Day MDP for Cluster Heads of HDFC Securities Ltd in October '19.
  • 2-Day MDP for Senior Managers & Doctors of Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in November '19.
  • 8 batches of 5-Day Residential MDP for Life Insurance Corporation of India Officers from November '19 to February '20.
  • 3-Day MDP in February '20 for Associates & Staff of Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.
  • 1 batch of SLt Logistics course for INS Hamla during November '19 and December '19
  • Several MDPs on various Topics for Department of Atomic Energy Officers.
  • 3-Day workshop on Communication for K J Somaiya Hospital Staff in November '19 and December '19.
  • 6-Day Young Leaders Program for Schaeffler India Ltd in August '19 and in October '19.
  • 5-Day ongoing MDP (Phase 5) for Production Managers of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd in July 2019.
  • 3-Day Phase 1 of LDP for Galderma India Pvt Ltd Sales Managers in November '19.
  • 2-Day Certification Program on Data driven decision making in January '20 and February '20.
MDP Programmes AY 2018- 2019
  • Phases 2, 3 & 4 (5 days each) of ongoing MDP for Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Production Managers in September '18, December '18 and March '19.
  • Phases 2 & 3 (2 days each) MDP for Area Sales Managers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India Pvt Ltd in July '18 and August 18.
  • 6-Day Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) in 2 phases for high potential Senior Managers of Schaeffler India Ltd in April 2019 and June 2019.
  • 6-Day Young Leaders Program (in 2 phases) for Schaeffler India Ltd. in April 2019 & June 2019.
  • 8-Day MDP in 4 phases for BASF India Ltd high potential Managers in October 2018, December 2018, February 2019 and March 2019.
  • Several MDPs on various Topics for Department of Atomic Energy.
  • 2-Day MDPs for Executives of Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd in April 2019 and May 2019.
  • 2-Day MDP for Senior Managers & Doctors of Jaslok Hospital in June 2019.
  • 2-Day MDP for Principals of Non-Government ITIs in June 2019.
  • 3-Day Residential MDP was conducted in January 2019 for Life Insurance Corporation of India Officers.
  • 2-Day MDP was conducted in July 2018 for Accountants of Somaiya Vidyavihar, Ayurvihar and other SVV locations in India.
  • 2 batches of SLt. Logistics course for INS Hamla were conducted in January 2019 and during April 2019 to June 2019.
  • 1-Day MDP was conducted in May 2019 for POSOCO (subsidiary of Powergrid Corporation).
MDP Programmes AY 2017- 2018
  • 6-Day ALP (in 2 phases) in April 2018 & June 2018 for Schaeffler India Ltd.
  • 6-Day YLP (in 2 phases) for Schaeffler India Ltd in April 2018 & June 2018
  • 5-Day Phase 1 of MDP for Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd MDP in June 2018
  • 2-Day Phase 1 of MDP for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India Pvt Ltd in June 2018
  • 1-Day MDP for Qwens Corning India Pvt Ltd Production Managers in January 2018
  • 2-Day MDP for Zydus Takeda Health Care Pvt Ltd Executives in February 2018
  • 6-Day LDP for Godavari Biorefineries Ltd Executives July 2017 & August 2017
  • 300 days LDP (LL & MC) for INS Hamla from July 2017 to June 2018
  • 5 days of ongoing Joint Certification Program with National Stock Exchange Academy on ‘Investment & Portfolio Analysis’ during July 2017 & August 2017
  • Several MDPs on various topics were conducted for Department of Atomic Energy, Insurance Institute of India and POSOCO (subsidiary of Powergrid Corporation) throughout the year.
MDP Programmes AY 2016- 2017
  • 17-Day MDP for Managers of ARKEMA India from July 2016 to January 2017
  • 300-Day LDP (LL&MC) for INS Hamla from July 2016 to June 2017
  • 22-Day LDP for Godavari Biorefineries Ltd from December 2016 to June 2017
  • ‘Investment & Portfolio Analysis’ 18-Day Joint Certification program with National Stock Exchange Academy from February 2017 to June 2017
  • Several MDPs on various topics were conducted for Insurance Institute of India, POSOCO and for the Department of Atomic Energy.
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