Demographic and other Influencers of Teachers' Perception about ICT Adoption in the Curriculum

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) adoption in school is becoming very important in education in providing learner centric and inclusive education. ICT is also considered to play a very important role in reducing the digital divide in a country like India. Positive perception of the teachers about use of ICT in the classroom in promoting learner centric education is crucial for adopting ICT in the classroom. Positive perception of teachers will help teachers to try new technologies and adopt ICT in the classroom. The paper attempts to find out the impact of demographic factors such as gender, age-group, educational qualifications, working experience of the teachers, etc. on their perceptions about use of ICT in the classroom. Similarly, the paper also tries to see how other school environment related factors such as board of education, language of delivery, etc affect the perception of the teachers. Relatively less research is done to find out the impact of demographic characteristics of the teachers and school related factors on the perception of the teachers. The study uses primary data collection technique through survey. From the literature review, the questionnaire was designed for the teachers. 515 teachers were surveyed from different schools of different boards and different types of school. The schools were selected from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Suburban Mumbai. The selected teachers were teaching to grade 5th to grade 10th. It is found that most of the demographic characteristics except teaching experience of the teachers with computers do not have significant impact on the teachers' perception about use of ICT in the classroom. On the other hand, most of the school environment related factors have the significant impact on teacher's perception. The study reveals that perception of teacher is influenced by school level factors like board of education and language of delivery used in the class are more than the teachers' personal factors like gen

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