Barriers Perceived by Teachers for Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Classrooms in Maharashtra, India

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The University Of Westindies
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in school education is considered as one of the important tools to make education learner centric and helps to reduce the digital divide between different socio-economic classes in a developing country like India. The government is implementing policies to encourage schools to adopt ICT and integrate in the school curriculum, but the response is lukewarm from the schools. School teachers have a decisive role to play in the effective implementation of ICT in the classroom. Their level of acceptance of new pedagogy using ICT is a key to successful implementation. The existing research shows that the lack of willingness of the teachers to use ICT in the classroom is one of the major hurdles in its implementation at the ground level. At present, there are very few studies that identify these perceived barriers of the teachers. This paper focuses on identifying the barriers to use of ICT from the teachers’ perspectives by using the rank order method for English and Regional medium school teachers. The paper uses logistic regression analysis to find out how the willingness to use ICT can be improved if some barriers are mitigated for both types of schools.

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