Antecedents of Teachers' Perceived Proficiency towards Usage of ICT in the classroom

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ICT penetration is becoming integral part in the every vertical of business. Education sector is not exception to this.ICT adoption in the curriculumis very crucial for bridging the digital divide in India. It can also revamp education system and teaching learning process. Teacher is the major stakeholder for adopting ICT in the curriculum. This study focusses on antecedents ofteachers’perceived proficiency towards usage of ICT in the curriculum.The study uses survey of 515 school teacherswhowere teaching grade 5thto 10th. These respondents were from different schools of Mumbai, Suburban Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. These schools were from different boards of education and different language of delivery. Teachers’ perceived proficiency for the usage of ICT in the curriculumis one of the important factor influence ICT adoption in school. This study is attempting to inferfactors which influenceperceived proficiency of the teacherstowards usage of ICT. The regression analysis showsthat school climate, opinions of the teachers about usage of ICT in the classroom, perceptions of the teachers and access to ICT related resources in the curriculumhad positive impact on the perceived proficiency of the teachers. (PDF) Antecedents of Teachers' Perceived Proficiency towards Usage of ICT in the classroom. Available from:'_Perceived_Proficiency_towards_Usage_of_ICT_in_the_classroom [accessed Apr 17 2019].

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