Growth of Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS) in Odisha in the post reform period

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Orissa Society Of Extension Education
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Credit Cooperatives are regarded as an important source of agricultural credit for the vast majority of farmers in rural India. After independence a lot of efforts have been made by the Government of India and the State Governments to make the credit cooperatives efficient and farmer friendly. Odisha is primarily an agrarian state with more than 80% of the people living in rural areas. Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society (PACS) operates at the village level to cater to the credit needs of the farmers in rural areas. However it is pointed out that there has been wide inter-regional disparity in the expansion and performance of PACS in the State. On the above backdrop the present study is intended to discuss the growth of cooperative credit particularly Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) in terms of membership, loan advanced and working capital in the State of Odisha and to find out the disparity across districts in terms of performance of PACS by taking certain indicators like membership, loan advanced and working capital. The study is mainly based on secondary data. It has been found out that the growth in the working of the PACS in terms of membership, working capital and loan advanced has remained uneven at the all –Odisha level in the post-reform period. Secondly the inter-district disparities in terms of area and membership coverage, working capital and loans advanced remains large and increasing in the post-reform period.

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