Transforming Consumer Consumption Patterns in the Digital Age: Socially Conscious Consumption Behaviour towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Reena Mehta ,Satyendra Upadhyay ,Nelli Kozlova & Svetlana Bozhuk
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Conference Global Challenges of Digital Transformation of Markets (#GDTM-2020)
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Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia
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The plastic pollution crisis has become increasingly visible in recent years, piles of plastic waste in the communities and ecosystems have intensified public concern. It has certainly evoked strong responses from people, as they are increasingly growing aware of the tormenting waste management issue. More and more people are trying to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle by recycling and upcycling the product packaging, composting and reusing. They have grown socially conscious in their purchasing behaviour. This study suggests that that socially conscious consumption has a broader appeal when people are properly targeted with products that support the issues they care about, in this case a zero-waste way of living life. The research was designed with the objective to analyze the awareness, intention, desire and action phases of consumer behavior cycle with respect to zero-waste lifestyle. A cluster analysis was conducted and checked on correlations with demographic characteristics like age, income, education, number of people in household, marital status, gender and occupation. This study touch upon socially conscious consumption behaviour of Indian and Russian customers towards a zero waste lifestyle. The study results provide relevant insights to FMCG products manufactures and retail marketers on customer management practices by adopting socially conscious consumption behaviour. Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Socially Conscious Consumption, Zero Waste, Marketing Strategy, Customer Management

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