IoT in Home Grocery Management

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Somaiya International Conference on Technology and Management
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K.J.SIMSR, Mumbai

Internet Of Things technology is changing our daily life by embedding sensors and actuators in all the appliances we use. The percepts from sensors are intelligently manipulated to make better decisions. Our system is introducing the use of Internet Of Things technology in the kitchen. In the current scenario, grocery shopping can be done online. But keeping track of the groceries is the main work of the person handling kitchen, failing which will result in insufficient items to cook. The system stated in this paper takes away this responsibility from the person handling kitchen. The objective of this paper is to propose a system which will track the availability of groceries in the kitchen. It also searches for better options of e-commerce sites with lower prices to order the product and displays the list on the user's Smartphone from where the user can order and procure those items. The test data is considered according to the daily usage of a grain in the kitchen.

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