Fuzzy logic system in Tomato Farming

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Somaiya International Conference on Technology and Management (SICTIM 2018)
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K.J.SIMSR, Mumbai

Fuzzy logic systems are used for checking the degrees of truth in real life events. Recent advancements in technologies especially in wireless technologies are giving new advancements in the field of agriculture. In this paper, we will study the uses of fuzzy logic systems with the help of some wireless technologies in efficient farming of tomato crop which is an important and profitable crop of India. This paper will explain the irrigation system as well as fertigation (Fertilizers given through irrigation) and circulating pesticides in the farm using a fuzzy logic control system. All required information is collected with the help of wireless sensors which is scientifically accurate. The use of advanced technologies lead to proper and efficient ways of using water, electricity and the other resources required for tomato farming. This paper can be considered as a research study which is done through literature, human experiences for developing an expert system in this particular area.

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