UI Design for Lanaguage Translator Module in Swasthya Slate(m-health Tool)

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International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI 2015)
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SCMS, Kochi, Kerala

Modern Information Technology is increasingly used in health-care with the goal to enhance medical services and reduce costs. Nowadays, Urban Areas rapidly adopt these advancements in technology to quickly reach out its services. But, the situation of patients in Rural Areas is entirely different from those in Urban Areas. Towards filling this gap, Government of India has started some appreciated initiatives to overcome problems in Rural Healthcare. In this paper, we propose a revision in the existing architecture to reduce the communication gap between patients and Public Health Workers in Rural Areas. The revision is proposed in the Language Translator Module in the existing architecture. This module helps in gathering details of ailments from patients in their regional language and get the prescription as soon as possible. This module incorporates the emerging techniques in Information Technology such as, Speech Recognition, Synthesis and Reproduction

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