Programme Dates: 19 Sep 2024 - 20 Sep 2024

Format: In-person

Duration: 2 Days

Programme Dates: 14 Sep 2024 - 22 Sep 2024

Format: Live Virtual (Weekends)

Duration: 4 Days


Despite being the Bond market the largest market in India, it has not gained the attention it deserves from various stakeholders. Investments and awareness levels in this market are low compared to the equity and derivative segment. However, the Bond market has distinctive features like being less volatile, offering fixed income, and can be essential inclusion in diversifying a portfolio. Considering the importance of less risky investments during volatile times, it is necessary to amplify the knowledge of these instruments, which can help in risk minimization and fixed-income generation. This course teaches participants about the bond market's concepts and practical sides.



  • To provide fundamental knowledge of the Bond market in India, including valuation and portfolio-building techniques.
  • Participants will learn the basics of Bond market-related quantitative methods used in various organizations to enhance investment return; analyze associated risks with Bonds in individual and portfolio contexts.


Learning Outcomes

Participants can comprehend bond market instruments' features and their trading mechanism. Participants will be able to select, evaluate and build bond market portfolios. They will be equipped to read and analyze the charts, yield curves, and stock market data related to the debt market.



Delivering the content would involve a well-balanced combination of lectures, class discussions, case studies, and exercises. All the quantitative techniques will be taught using hands-on experience in Excel.


Who May Attend?

Working professionals like Business analysts, Strategists, Investment planners, Researchers, Financial advisors, and anyone interested in capital markets and investments.


Content of the Programme

Module 1: Understanding Primary and secondary bond markets in India

  • Bond issues in primary market
  • Bond issues in secondary market


Module 2: Bond pricing methodologies and importance in the Indian market

  • Bond price components
  • Affecting factors with emphasis on interest rates


Module 3: Bond valuation calculation and its implications for investors

  • Bond present value calculation


Module 4: Risks related to bond investment

  • Controllable and Uncontrollable risks


Module 5: Analysis of bond yields (CY, YTM, YTC) and yield curves with graphs and charts

  • Calculating Current yield, Yield to Maturity, Yield to Call and their analysis


Module 6: Duration concept and its importance for investors

  • Macaulay’s Duration concept and calculation


Module 7: Bond portfolio designing

  • With multiple assets available for choice


Module 8: Use of interest rate swaps in bond markets

  • Role of derivative instruments in Bond market


Program Director

Dr. Raghu Kumari

Dr. Raghu Kumari is an Associate Professor in Finance department at K J Somaiya Institute of Management. She has completed her Ph.D. in Finance area from the University of Mumbai. She has completed her Master's degree in 'Business Administration' from Andhra University. She has a Work experience of 3 years with a bank and government organization and 19 years of experience as a full-time faculty teaching at the postgraduate level. Her teaching and research area includes Capital markets, Corporate finance, and Financial Services. She holds the position of Chairperson for Student activities and a core committee member of Accreditations, Centre of sustainability, and Student Grievances. She is a recognized Ph.D. guide by Somaiya Vidyavihar University. Published research papers in ABDC, Scopus, and ABS category international journals and presented more than 20 research papers at various national and international conferences. Recipient of Best research paper and Best teacher awards and facilitates corporate training programs for INS Hamla, Mahindra & Mahindra, LIC, and Nestle.

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