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Finance is one of the preferred areas of Ph.D. under Management Studies. Finance specialization covers wide range of topics which are relating to finance in micro aspects as well as macro aspects. Under micro aspects areas like financial problems of a business unit are covered. Under macro aspects financial markets and policy issues are covered. Major topic of research will be relating to issues of raising of the funds by a firm. This activity involves so many topics which can be researched. Here the management perspective also comes. Raising of the right amount of funds from right source and at right cost involves lot of research. The other aspects of research could be, once the funds are raised, how to use it in an optimum way. The distribution of surplus by a business and use of internal source can also be covered here.

The macro aspect of finance includes topics like financial markets, financial institutions, financial instruments, micro finance, Government finance and various policy issues relating to these components. Under financial markets research areas can be relating to capital markets, money markets, credit markets, foreign currency markets, Government security markets etc. There is a lot of scope to cover in the research, various financial instruments. Apart from traditional finance instruments, now a day there is lot of research required for structured products and products which are used for risk management like derivatives. In India and in the world, there are many issues relating to management, solvency, restructuring of various financial institutions in innovative ways. The other areas are relating to NBFCs, private equity, venture capital, micro finance and Government finance. All these topics are highly dynamic because there is continuous change in policy relating to them by Government to make the financial system robust. Hence, it gives ample opportunity of research to a researcher.

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Guide Associated

Sr.No. Research Guide Qualification Research Areas
1 Prof. Dr. Pankaj B Trivedi M.Com., M.A., CAIIB, Ph.D Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Inclusion, Financial Markets
2 Prof. Dr. Rashmi Soni Ph. D (Management), FCMA, M Com, FDP IIMI Corporate Behaviour, Payment banks, Digital Finance, Corporate Finance, Management Accounting and control, Behaviour Finance, Banking
3 Prof. Dr. Shalini Talwar Ph.D (Management), MBA (Major- Finance, Minor-Marketing) Behavioural Finance, Financial Markets, Dark side of social media & Fake news, Digital disruptions & Mobility, Sustainability & Food waste and Consumer Behaviour
4 Prof. Dr. Raghu Kumari P.S Ph.D., M.Phil., MBA (Finance) Financial Services, Capital markets, Asset Risk and Return, Corporate Finance, Consumer Behaviour
5 Prof. Dr. Kalpakam Gopalakrishnan PhD (Management), FCMA, B.Com Capital Markets, Mutual Funds, Behavioural Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Statements and Analysis

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