18th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference

Start Date

9th February 2023

End Date

10th February 2023


09 : 00 AM

Audience Type

Academicians, B-School Students, Corporate Managers, Faculty, Researchers


Vidyavihar - Mumbai


K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Event Details

18th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference


"Marketing and Digitization: Delivering value in new age"

In order to stay ahead of competitors, digitization and the use of modern communication tools in marketing have become a necessity. Digitization offers several benefits like making the cost of marketing and advertising more affordable, the outcomes of digitization are measurable, and enabling precise targeting in less time. Social media marketing, Google advertising, and Facebook (now Meta) are powerful tools that are transforming the domain of marketing and adding value in the new age. Digital marketing leads to quick customer feedback, direct communication with current and prospective clients, and quick planning and action. Digitization in marketing helps build a great push-up impression and enhances brand recall, recognition, and purchase decision-making. In this era of intelligent marketing, digitization helps in transforming simple businesses into highly intelligent businesses and in building robust marketing strategies. Digitization has created an eco-system for Marketing 4.0 resulting in personalization and enhanced P2P (person to person) & C2C (customer to customer), innovative business models.

Conference Mode:-Hybrid

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