A Study on Burnout among Teachers in Higher Education

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Higher Education Forum (hef)
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Education contributes to a very significant extent, in the development process of the society and the nation. The factors such as quality of the faculty and quality of teaching create excellence through higher education. But the teachers are compelled to work under stress and resulted 'Burnout' is a cause of concern. The present study is an attempt to determine the level of burnout experienced by teachers in higher education using the Maslach Burnout Inventory - Educator's Survey. A sample of 80 teachers from colleges of Central Mumbai has participated in the study. Sample also include junior college teachers as to find the difference in extent of burnout among teachers in higher education as compare to them. It is found that around 50% teachers fall in high or moderate level of burnout in one or the other dimension of burnout i.e. Emotional Exhaustion (EE), De-personalization (DP) and reduced Personal Accomplishment (PA) scores on the MBI. Most of the high burnout cases were found in the area of PA. Sr. College teachers experience more lack of depersonalization and those working part-time or clock hour basis, are the most sufferers. The teachers who spent more than one hour in commuting, receive a moderate level of EE. The results of hypothesis tested (the student t-test used) shows that there is no significant difference in the extent of burnout among the different groups of teachers.