Master of Business Administration

Minor | Sustainability

As humanity appears to be recovering from one of the greatest calamities of the century, the learnings from the same indicate that climate change and the environment cannot be taken for granted anymore. The problems of climate change and the environment are transdisciplinary in nature and Businesses are one of the major stakeholders which are responsible for the damage, and they are the ones who have to take lead in addressing the issues.

The Minor Specialization in Sustainability introduces students to various issues related to the environment, climate change and foundations of sustainable development. It equips students with tools such as Natural Resource Management and Systems Thinking to deal with these issues. The specialization brings awareness about relations between business and sustainability and how the business is adopting and addressing environmental and climate change concerns and their role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

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Key Information


  • Lectures, invited talks
  • Simulations
  • Case analysis
  • Field visits
  • Live projects


The Sustainability Minor will enable future business leaders to look beyond the Profit i.e. People and Planet, and encourage them to create value for stakeholders

Important Courses

  • Business & Sustainability
  • System Dynamics Modelling
  • Climate Change, Adoption and Mitigation
  • Energy Transition Management
  • Sustainability Measurement & Reporting